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As Calgary Mortgage Brokers, Mortgages for Less, has developed trust with a wide range of preferred mortgage lenders. This has enabled us to secure the best rates and service for our clients.

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By filling out the Online Mortgage Application, you are taking the first step in the process! This is critical to helping us determine how much you can borrow, and when we review it together, it will give you a better understanding of the price range you can afford.

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Select your rate and term

Let us help you select the ideal mortgage and term that best suits your needs, not just what is convenient for the bank. We will also guide you through the available options so that you can obtain the best mortgage and rate for yourself.

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Submit all documents necessary for mortgage application through our Secure Online Portal. We will review each item thoroughly to ensure all requirements are met.

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For sixteen years, Mortgages For Less has been a trusted Calgary mortgage broker.

You do not need to provide your Social Insurance Number when completing our online form, and you can choose to leave any of the fields blank.

We can check your credit just once, so you won‘t have to worry about your credit score being hurt by multiple checks from several lenders.

For over 16 years, our experienced team of Calgary Mortgage Brokers, including top brokers Tamar Leis and Josh Tagg, have been providing specialized residential mortgage solutions in Calgary for firsttime homeowners and difficulttofinance mortgages. Apply today to get started with a knowledgeable Calgary mortgage broker who is familiar with all the complexities of the mortgage industry. From title insurance, appraisal fees, early payout penalties, and more, we will guide you to find the best mortgage that meets your needs.


Are you dealing with low income and/or poor credit? We can help!

  • One credit check for all lenders: Instead of checking your credit multiple times through several lenders (and hurting your credit) we are able to check it just once.
  • We can provide you with both standard mortgages available from most banks and customized mortgage options for more complex requirements.
  • You do not need to provide your Social Insurance Number when completing our online form, and you can choose to leave any of the fields blank.
  • If you have knowledge of your income, down payment, and a general idea of your assets and liabilities, you do not need all the necessary information to complete a mortgage application. We can provide you a rough estimate of the amount you can qualify for with this information.
  • There is no commitment made when you fill out our application, if you don’t end up using us there is no fee or penalty.

Why you should use Mortgages For Less over other Calgary mortgage brokers?

If you‘re looking for a Calgary mortgage broker, look no further than Tamar Leis, broker with Mortgages For Less. With decades of experience living and working in Calgary, Tamar has a deep understanding of the city and its everchanging real estate market. She has been a professional mortgage broker since 2007. Tamar is confident and knowledgeable when it comes to navigating the complexities of mortgage financing and is dedicated to helping the people of Calgary secure the financing they need to buy their dream home.

“I have been in the industry since 2007 and am a proud member of the Mortgage Professionals Canada and the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. My experience and professionalism makes me confident when dealing with the complexities of mortgage financing. Working with Mortgages For Less is a great opportunity to help people in my city secure the financing they need to buy their dream home. 

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With a wealth of knowledge about the oil industry, I understand the stresses of working in it or being in an industry that is directly affected by it. Having close ties to Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie, and Strathmore, I can also provide insight into these neighbouring towns.

As a Calgary Mortgage Broker, I am also available to extend my services beyond Alberta, no matter where you are in the country. I am committed to providing a convenient experience that works around your schedule, so you don‘t have to wait for appointments to get preapproved.

My highest priority is my clients, and I always strive to make their dreams of buying a home a reality. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you create a future in your new home.


Are there 0% Down Mortgages?

Although zero down mortgages are no longer an option, you may still find other products that would work for you. In Calgary, some people are able to use an unsecured line of credit for their down payment, though certain restrictions may be in place.

How to buy a rental property.

If you‘re looking to purchase a rental property but feel like you won‘t be able to due to a lack of 20% down payment, allow us to help you out here at Mortgages For Less! We have all kinds of tips and tricks to get you approved even if you have been declined by Scotiabank or RBC. Give us a call today at 4032413255 to find out how you can get started.

Buying and renting simultaneously?

A mortgage broker can help make the process of turning your current home into a rental easier. We can get you the best rates and terms with as little as a 5% down payment for an owneroccupied home. We consider rental income in various ways, so you don‘t have to worry about it. Plus, the bank or lender pays our fees. This should save you time and money. We have been in business for 16 years, and referrals are what keep us successful.

First Time Home Buyer?

If you‘re a firsttime home buyer in Calgary, you may be eligible to use your RRSP funds for a down payment without incurring any taxes. Speak to your RRSP investor to find out more. Not only will you get a nice tax refund when you contribute to your RRSP, you can also use that money for your first home down payment. Even if you‘ve owned a home before, as long as you haven‘t lived in a home owned by you in the past four years, you may still be eligible for this program. For those looking to move to the coast, Auxilium Mortgage in Victoria, BC is an excellent choice..